Egg Waffles: a waffle for bubble wrap poppers everywhere

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?   What are egg waffles?  Egg waffles are similar to traditional waffles in the sense that they are both made from leavened batter and cooked in a hot iron.  There are minor variations in the main ingredients, but egg waffles...

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Raclette: introducing the melted cheese of your dreams

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?   What is raclette?   Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk cheese from Switzerland.  It is commonly shaped into a giant wheel of cheese that is sliced and held to an open flame or other heat source. Once a layer melts, it is...

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Eat Whatever You Want While Staying Healthy

  Ever wonder how some people seem to eat whatever they want and still appear fit & healthy? Genes can play a role, but most contributing factors are completely within your control. To eat whatever you want without consequence does not exist; it will likely contribute...

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Honey Brick Toast: move over gingerbread houses

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?   What is a honey brick toast?  Honey brick toast (a.k.a. brick toast, honey toast, Japanese honey toast, or Shibuya honey toast) is a thick dense toast often cut into cubes and assembled into a large brick piled with sweet...

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Naan Pizza: swap out that boring plain dough

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It? What is naan pizza?  Naan pizza is pretty much what it sounds like, pizza made out of naan bread instead of traditional pizza dough.  Naan is an oven-baked flatbread that originated in Central and Southern Asia and has Middle...

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Glutto Digest is a nationwide food blog based in the US.  We feature unique & relatively esoteric foods & beverages ranging from the traditional to the trendy. Browse through our posts above to discover the best, most unique, newest, and up and coming foods & drinks (including recipes for delicious meals and yummy dishes). 

Nice job finding our not-so-subtle Easter egg. 😉  Like finding the good stuff?  Well then, we shall reward your curiosity by divulging more information about what we have to offer…  To break things down, Glutto Digest’s posts focus on these main things:

1. Interesting foods & drinks (based on unique qualities i.e. visual appeal, taste, eating experience and/or health benefits).  Examples of popular articles have included:

  • rolled ice cream – this is a type of made-to-order ice cream made on frozen flat surfaces and scraped off to create rolls of ice cream
  • pani puri shots – these are savory Indian shots that come in an array of eye-catching colors
  • CBD oil edibles and gummies – these are edible goods made of the largely legal component of cannabis, CBD, which is linked with healing properties
  • flaming saganaki – this is a Greek cheese appetizer that is lit on fire 
  • coxinhas – these are Brazilian appetizers similar to chicken nuggets
  • air fried foods – these are a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods and can easily be made at home
  • exotic fruits – these are fruits that are commonly found in tropical regions around the world
  • liquid nitrogen puffs & dragon’s breath – these are snacks infused with liquid nitrogen that make you breathe like a dragon

2. How you can try these foods & drinks yourself (i.e. where to buy them near you & how to make them—at the bottom of each food article). Click on any of the articles above to find the closest places that serve these foods and recipes on the easiest way to make them (when applicable).

3. Tips for eating healthy (cause there is a right & wrong way to eat anything). When you feature all kinds of trending foods, some of them are bound to not be the most healthy. 😛  We feel a responsibility educate people to eat responsibly as well.  Here are some examples of articles that provide tips on how to eat healthy and responsibly:

Other things you can do on Glutto Digest include:

1. Shopping for food-related gifts that you or your favorite food lover might like on our Gift Shop page.  We have pretty much anything you could ever want to need, from stuff you can use for your kitchen to containers to keep your food & drinks fresh on the go.
2. Subscribing to our latest food posts on our Subscription page.  Subscribing to Glutto Digest is like having a really awesome foodie friend to keep you in-the-know about all the best food trends and cultural foods that you probably wouldn’t know of otherwise.
3. Letting us know if you want us to feature a specific food, location or recipe on our Contact page.  Although we have a pretty good pulse on all kinds of foods & drinks to feature, we’re always open to hearing other suggestions.  Don’t hesitate to reach out….We don’t bite (unless you’re hiding food from us). 😉

Still want to know more?  Find out more about us on our About page. 

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