Hey fellow food lover!

Thanks for navigating your way over here to learn a little more about us.  Glutto Digest is the official blog of Glutto, a food technology company.  Over the years, our food blog has been featured in a number of prominent publications.

We, the food-obsessed crew behind Glutto, are a team of food experts who love to discover and share unique and lesser-known foods ranging from the latest food crazes to eye-opening international dishes that have been around for centuries.  (There are so many other foods in the world to enjoy besides your basic pizzas, tacos and burgers—not that there’s anything wrong with those foods.)  We also really enjoy talking about anything interesting related to food and eating, so we figured that this blog would be the best place to share that sort of thing.

Our main goals of Glutto Digest are to:

  1. share accurate and useful information about food and food-related topics,
  2. spread awareness of unique foods to help our readers expand their palates and
  3. make our posts fun to browse and read.

If you’re like us and always have food on your mind, kick back and peruse through our growing list of food articles.  Also, please don’t hesitate to connect with us so we can make sure to get you the latest and greatest.


Team Glutto

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