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Hey there!  Thanks for navigating your way over here to learn a little more about us.  Glutto Digest is the official blog of Glutto, a constantly developing platform built from the ground up that provides personalized food recommendations.

We, the food-obsessed crew behind Glutto, thought that it would be easier to digest Glutto (see what we did there?) by featuring specific aspects of it in short, fun food-related articles.  We also really enjoy talking about food and eating, so we figured that having a separate blog would be the best place to share that sort of thing.  We are not just food lovers, but food experts with decades of experience in exploring and documenting the food and culinary traditions of the world.  

As an authority in the food world, our team has written numerous articles that have been featured and referenced in major publications including: The Washington Post, USA Today, Fox News, How Stuff Works, Mirror, MSN, Bustle, Vice and many regional & local news outlets.

Glutto Digest features all kinds of unique & interesting foods that the average American may not be familiar with.  This includes everything from the trendy to the traditional.  Besides the latest food trends on Instagram, there are plenty of amazing authentic international dishes out there that deserve to be known and celebrated.  We want to broaden people’s food horizons, not limit them.  At the same time, we encourage people to eat responsibly and make good food decisions.

Fun Fact:  All the places (located in the US) & recipes mentioned in our articles link directly to Glutto, where you can keep track of everything you want to try…and already have tried.

If you’re like us and always have food on your mind, kick back and peruse through our growing list of food articles and gifts for food lovers.  Also, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to Glutto Digest so we can make sure to get you the latest and greatest.

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