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The Fittest Food Lovers
How EVERY BODY Can be Incredibly Fit and Still Enjoy Food

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Want a fit body?  Want to enjoy your food? 
Many think you can only choose one, but that’s not true…


How can you have a fit & healthy body and satisfy your desire for food?  
In this book, the fittest food lovers in the world share their tips to show us how it’s done.


Featured People


Every person featured in this book leads a healthy lifestyle and is considered to be one of the fittest in their respective fields.  In addition, they also don’t sacrifice their love for food.  Due to their diverse backgrounds, they each use sustainable methods
that work specifically for them…
and share them in this book.

The featured fittest food lovers include:
legendary athletes, celebrities and fitness & nutrition experts.
Discover all the possible ways that you, too, can be fit and love food.  




Besides helping others live healthier lives without giving up their love for food,
we are doing our part to help end world hunger.

In an effort to help feed the hungry, we are donating proceeds from The Fittest Food Lovers to charities that dedicated to fighting hunger.  

If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.


a select list of quality items that can help
ease you into your journey to becoming and staying a fit food lover

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