3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press

  • 3 IN 1 STUFFED BURGER PRESS – professionally designed gadget with 3 different functions. The main three functions that separate stuffed burger press by BURGER ART from other brands are additional mini burger mold, innovative design that creates best stuffed burgers and removable bottom that keeps patty in the same shape you formed.
  • NON STICKING COATING – simply means that special burger press material allows to create burger shape and remove them with no worry. Meat doesn’t stick to heavy duty durable BPA free non sticking plastic. For example aluminum hamburger tool needs to have additional patty paper or some tool to remove a patty from mold.
  • UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN – makes the easiest way to create burgers. Our brand provides best and unique multifunction hamburger patty making tool. Like no others we produce design that will help you remove perfectly shaped burger from burger press without secondary kitchen tool because it has a removable bottom.
  • COMPARED WITH OTHER BRAND – BURGER ART kitchen gadget has more functions. By having more functions it can create different burger sizes and perfect stuffed burgers. Better create burgers when you know that your tool has a removable bottom. You don’t need to worry how to remove a patty from the mold in the same shape it has been formed.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY WITH WARRANTY – stuffed burger press by BURGER ART is made off heavy duty durable BPA free, non sticking plastic. Hamburger making tool is dishwasher safety. We prove our qualities by backing you up by Our Lifetime Warranty.


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If you love hamburgers and if you admit only high quality products, then burger press BY BURGER ART is the perfect product for you!

Everybody loves hamburgers but when it comes time to do them then

– Hard to create a perfect shape that would fit to bun
– impossible to create stuffed burger
– hard to keep patty in good shape on grill or while removing it

Burger press BY BURGER ART provides

– The highest quality 3 in 1 stuffed burger press
– Real non stick coating
– Real 3 in 1 burger press not 2 in 1 or 1 in 1
– Unique multifunctional design with removable bottom

THE BURGER ART is the brand with quality standards. Non stick coating simply means that you don’t need to worry how to remove patty from the mold. It means that you don’t need to use any kind of paper or any other secondary kitchen tools to remove meat from burger press tool. (for example aluminium burger press tool could not be with non slip cover as the other brands declare).

We provide REAL 3 in 1 burger press. It has a small shape patty mold to do sliders, burger press also have the shapes to create stuffed burgers and regular burgers. With hamburger press by BURGER ART you will easily take off the formed patty from the bottom. (Burger will be on the bottom while you will be removing the oval walls that creates shape).


– 30 FREE Patty Papers
– Recipe eBook

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Burger Art Brand to be Quality Premium Product