Couples Dating Food Decision Dice

  • Funny Dating Food Dice Gifts – You still don’t know what to eat with your boyfriend/girlfriend when dating? Fast food, steakhouse, pizza, sushi, Mexican, or Chinese? Let this food dice solve your dating problem. This funny date food dice engraved with six different patterns will be a perfect gift idea for you to send him/her! It’s a romantic date gift idea for couples. You still don’t know what to eat on date night? Let this dice decide for you!
  • Romantic Gifts for Husband/Wife – Are you looking for a funny gift for your awesome husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend? This food dice is the perfect gift idea for him/her. You can spin the dice to decide what to eat. Gifts for men and women on Valentine’s Day, 11 year anniversary gifts for couples, husband or wife, wedding gifts for couples, engagement gifts for bride and groom, new boyfriend husband Christmas gifts, sweetest day gift for boyfriend/girlfriend, gay/lesbian, LGBT.
  • Funny Decision Dice Gifts for Boyfriend Girlfriend – Roll this dice to decide what to eat when dating, and the outcome of the dice is mysterious. Unique gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend, funny birthday gifts for couples, fun game decision dice gifts for husband/wife, engagement gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend, honeymoon gifts, funny gifts for gay/lesbian couples, wedding night gifts for couples, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts for him/her.
  • Anniversary Gifts for Her Him – This funny dice makes a sweet gift idea as 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend, anniversary gifts for wife/husband, 1 year wedding anniversary gifts for her/him, 3 year anniversary gifts for couples, 10 year anniversary, 15 year anniversary gifts for lover, birthday gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband birthday gift ideas, unique gifts for friends, sweet gifts for honey, birthday gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend, 30th birthday gift for her/him.
  • Fun I Love You Gifts for Couples – These funny dice will make an elegant gift idea for your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, fiancee, fiance, spouse, soul mate, best friend, bff, newlywed couple, long-distance couple, honey, hubby, bride, groom, future husband/wife to express your sincere love. The recipient will be touched by these little dice. Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving Day gifts, New Year gifts, Stocking Stuffers, and white elephant exchange gifts for couples.
  • Elegant Package and Best Service – 1 pcs edge length is 16mm, has six sides, and with different patterns which are printed clearly. Made of sturdy stainless steel, which is thick and eco-friendly, smooth and shiny, not broken easily, has no distortion, no rust, and never faded. Comes in a black box which is ready for giving as a gift. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues before or after your purchase, we are delighted to make it right!


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Roll this food dice to prevent the argument over what to eat for date night with her/him.