Loose Leaf Tea Infuser & Brewer with iTEA Boil-to-Brew Technology

Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker Loose Leaf Tea Infuser & Brewer With iTEA BOIL TO BREW TECHNOLOGY Includes 3 Brew Settings (Light, Medium & Strong) Great For White, Green, Oolong & Black Tea

  • EXCLUSIVE “iTEA” BOIL-TO-BREW TECHNOLOGY – Automatically brew your loose-leaf tea consistently and with perfect results, without constant monitoring.
  • FOUR SETTINGS – 3 brew settings (light, medium and strong) plus a “refresh” setting to prep and hydrate your tea before brewing. Multiple settings allow you to brew all varieties of tea – white, green, oolong and black.
  • GLASS & STAINLESS STEEL BREW CHAMBER WITH GLASS CARAFE – The brew chamber and carafe are made of glass and stainless steel to ensure purity and conserve the natural flavors of your tea.
  • 4 CUP BOIL-BREW SYSTEM – Water is heated to the precise temperature required for optimal extraction. No need to manually control the temperature of the water.
  • BREWS COFFEE – Don’t limit yourself to just tea. The Tea-Square is also a formidable coffee brewing machine. Brew three different strengths of coffee.



Because this T-Square from Gourmia automates every step of the normally painstaking, loose-leaf tea-crafting process, you’ll enjoy a perfect, remarkably rich, and satisfying, cup of tea as easily as pressing a button. Simply fill it’s built-in, 4 cup/800ml tank with water, add your favorite loose-leaf tea (or blend) to it’s BrewBasket, turn it on so it can begin boiling the water to its optimal temperature, select one of the four modes, and let its calibrated iTea Boil to Brew technology present you with the kind of tea that once took generations of experience. Plus the Tea-Square is fully portable so you can now ”BYOT” for an evening out, too!