Stainless steel beer & beverage chiller sticks

  •  SET OF 2: Winxer Beer Chillers come in a pack of two drink coolers. It is fully BPA free and eco friendly, and keep your drink cold without excessive effort. You may hand wash the sticks before using them.
  •  EASY TO USE: Simply freeze the beer chill tubes for over 45 minutes, then place them directly into the long neck beer bottle (at least 8.5″ tall). It starts to cool down the beer rapidly. Then, you can drink right through the sticks.
  •  DURABILITY: Winxer Beer Sticks are made of high quality stainless steel with the advanced cooling technology. Simply wash them after each use, then put them into the freezer to use them next time.
  •  UNIQUE GIFT: Beer Chillers are great for parties, camping, BBQs, camping, beach, or any other ocassion. They are awesome gift for your love ones who drink beer.
  •  WARRANTY: Winxer Beer Chillers are covered with one year limited warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of the purchase.


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Stop Worrying About Your Beer Getting Warm Before Finishing it!

Winxer Beer Chiller Sticks provide you with the long lasting cold beer simply by Placing into your beer bottle.

How to USE

– Step one: Wash Winxer Beer Chiller Sticks when you receive them. Freeze them for 45 minutes or more. Before using it, take a drink of beer to have extra room for chiller sticks.
– Step Two: Insert the Beer Chill into your beer bottle.
– Step Three: Press the chiller down firmly to create a tight seal. (Use caution when first inserting the chiller rod.)
– Step Four: With the drink through the feature, you can start enjoying your cool beer. When finishing using it, you can simply remove and wash like a regular utensil before putting them into the freezer again for next usage.

❖ Drink Through: Winxer features flow vents to deliver a smooth and consistent flow from every sip.
❖ Refreshing Taste: Winxer Chillers cool down your drink temperature to give you the refreshing taste. Unlike ice cubes, they will not water down your soda pop, beer or any other beverage.
❖ Stainless Steel Frame: The frame is made of high-quality stainless steel to freeze quickly. Simply wash them after each use before freezing them again.
❖ Design: With Eco-Friendly and BPA Free, it fits for most standard long neck beer bottle (at least 8.5″ tall).

Package Includes:

❖ Beer Chillers x 2

This is perfect for parties, rave-ups, backyard BBQ, game night, family gatherings, or other special events. Get them for you, colleagues, friends and family now.