German kitchen knife set with precision edge technology

This set contains all of the knives you will need in your kitchen. Contains a paring knife, boning knife, bread knife, cook’s knife, carving knife and honing steel.

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Wusthof 1120160602 CLASSIC Six Piece Cook’s Set 6, Black
Precision Edge Technology

PEtec edge, enhances sharpness by 20% and lasts twice as long.


  • Exceptionally long edge retention / long service life of blade.
  • Precision robots sharpen the blades on a whetstone.
  • Extremely high initial cutting performance.
  • Unique, consistently high and reproducible quality.
  • Optimum cutting edge along the entire length of the blade.
  • The knives are given a final polish using a special disc.


The City of Blades

Solingen, Germany

Family owned for seven generations, WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen Germany over 200 years ago. Long renowned as “The City of Blades,” Solingen has earned the reputation for crafting fine cutlery generation after generation. Located in Western Germany near the banks of the Wupper River, Solingen has been home to master blacksmiths for over 2,000 years. WÜSTHOF continues to call the picturesque city of Solingen its home, and proudly marks each blade as “Made in Solingen.”

  • Knives made in Solingen have long been honored and prized for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship.
  • For that reason, the name of Solingen has been protected with legislation, “The Solingen Decree,”
  • WÜSTHOF first got its start in Solingen and the business has remained in the WÜSTHOF family ever since.



  • 4″ Paring Knife
  • 5″ Boning Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • 8″ Cook’s Knife
  • 9″ Carving knife and a 9″ honing steel