Classic Fresh Fruit Basket Gift with Crackers, Cheese and Nuts

Classic Fresh Fruit Basket Gift with Crackers, Cheese and Nuts for Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, Corporate

  • PEAR GROWN IN OUR OWN ORCHARDS: Not only do we make premium gift baskets – we are also farmers! Our family orchards were planted three-quarters of a century ago, tended with care for the juiciest, sweetest and most flavorful pears available. Juicy sweet citrus and crisp flavorful apples by our grower partners come from the optimal climates that product top quality fruit. Because we farm too, we know exactly who the best growers are to source the fruit that we don’t grow ourselves.
  • FARMSTEAD FRESH CHEESE: Our Farmstead Gourmet Cheddar, is also from a family farm that truly believes happy cows produce better milk and that leads to tastier cheese. This creamy cheddar has a flavor and texture that pairs perfectly with fruit. (In summer months substituted with 10 oz. Artichoke Cheese Dip)
  • CLASSIC FAVORITES: Fresh crop whole roasted, salted almonds, and crisp, savory olive oil and sea salt crackers complete the accompaniments in this classic collection making it deal for healthy gourmet gifting.
  • GIFTED PRESENTATION: All contents are packed to protect the delicate fruit in a lovely reusable wicker basket. Everything is attractively arranged for a beautiful unboxing.
  • MAKE IT A GIFT: Gift messaging available at checkout. See alternate image for Instruction on how to include A GIFT MESSAGE. Be sure to sign your name and/or your company, so your recipient knows who to thank.



Our Best-Selling Basket

You’re reaching out to someone special, so of course you want to send a special gift! Our best-selling fruit basket with orchard-favorite fruits, delicious Farmstead Gourmet Cheddar Cheese, our own Sierra trail mix, premium almonds, and olive oil sea salt crackers is the perfect gift to show how much you care. Available with your choice of printed occasion ribbon.

Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and crackers are a classic food pairing. Our fresh and creamy Farmstead Gourmet Cheddar Cheese combined with the subtle flavors of our Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers make a delicious and effortless appetizer and snack.

Fruit, Nuts and Trail Mix

Fresh fruit and nuts, and trail mix for snacking perfection! This gift features fresh apples and pears (with pears from our orchards from September through January) along with lightly salted roasted almonds, and our own blend of Sierra trail mix.