Hario Next 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker

Hario Next 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker.  Brew better coffee.

  • Silicone grip handle to easily manuver your drink when pouring with the lower chamber.
  • Easy to clean metal filter in the upper chamber that extracts high quality flavors and rich oil.
  • Cloth filter also included for another unique taste of coffee
  • Scoop included for easy measuring of coffee grinds
  • Includes denatured alcohol burner




A new way to brew and enjoy your coffee the old fashion way! One places water in the bottom chamber and freshly ground coffee in the upper chamber. The water is boiled in the bottom chamber using the included burner and the steam pressure produced forces the water upwards through the center stem to infuse the water with the ground coffee in the upper chamber. After most of the water has boiled, an air vacuum develops in the lower chamber and literally pulls down the coffee beverage into the lower chamber! It is an amazing sight to demonstrate in front of your guests! This is also known as vacpot coffee!