The Fittest Food Lovers: How EVERY BODY Can be Incredibly Fit and Still Enjoy Food


What do Tony Hawk (legendary skateboarder), Andre Rush (strongest chef in the world) and Caroline Labouchere (international model of mature age) have in common? They are all unbelievably fit and they all LOVE food.

How could it be possible to love food & enjoy eating while remaining perfectly fit? Kristina V. Reynolds explores the lifestyles and habits of some of the fittest food lovers (celebrities, sports legends and fitness experts) in the world through 1-on-1 interviews where they discuss their eating and fitness journeys. She also examines her own firsthand experiences as a fit food lover while providing insights from certified nutrition and fitness professionals.

Discover the many different ways that these role models of diverse backgrounds have figured out how to sustainably eat what they want and remain the fittest versions of themselves…and how you can too.

**A portion of the author’s proceeds will go to select charities that fight hunger including The Hunger Project and Feeding America.**


If you're looking to be the fittest version of yourself AND not have to give up your love for food, this is the ultimate guide.  Learn from some of the fittest food lovers in the world (including celebrities, legends and fitness experts) who share their experiences, tips and advice about eating and fitness.


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