Modern Meal Prep Adult Lunch Box

Review on the amazon Prepd modern adult lunch box, professional meal prep compartment packed, bamboo modular lunch box with reusable containers


  • Handcrafted from natural bamboo and a precision engineered polymer
  • Modular food storage container system – 1 x Large and 2 x Small containers included
  • Food safe containers, FDA-approved, BPA-free materials
  • Bamboo chopsticks and silicone holder / rest
  • One of Oprah’s favorite things 2017



An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted adult lunch box and smart lunch recipe app. Prepd Pack redefines the whole experience of taking lunch, from planning and preparing, to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches.

Prepd Pack is uncompromisingly modern, consisting of a main case crafted from high-quality, natural bamboo that houses a versatile modular system of containers.

Your Lunch Your Way

Flexible to suit your changing daily needs, the premium Prepd Containers can be arranged in multiple configurations within the Prepd Pack perfectly.

Control your portions in this adult lunch box by using several smaller containers, or enjoy a larger main with a couple of snacks for later.

A Recipe For Success.. Every Day

Bored of the same old packed lunch? Get inspired with the Prepd App which is filled with fresh and exciting lunch ideas for your adult lunch box from professional chefs and nutritionists tailored to fit a broad range of diets, appetites, and health goals.

The app integrates with the Prepd Pack by offering tailored recipes that fit your Prepd Containers perfectly.

Always Be Prepd

Have your lunch ready to go when you are — with multiple sets of containers you can prep ahead for as many meals as you want. Save time for other things, like enjoying your morning coffee.

About Prepd:

Your Perfect Lunch Buddy

Slimline, stylish and durable, each Prepd Pack is handcrafted from high-quality, natural bamboo and a precision engineered polymer. The case has a secure enclosure that keeps everything in place.

Flexible Modular Design

Whether you want one large main and a side or smaller meals throughout the day, the Prepd modular containers are designed to allow absolute flexibility and freedom. They are also stackable keeping your fridge neat and organised. *Additional Container Sets sold separately

The Perfect Container

We went back to the drawing board to create the perfect premium container, made from a new premium, BPA-free copolyester. We even redesigned the seal making them leak-proof without the need for clunky clips.

Magically Organized

The uniquely designed magnetic cutlery makes sure you always have your cutlery at hand


Prepd Pack Case

  • Size and Weight
    9.72″ x 7.36″ x 2.2″, 28 oz Per Set
    24.7cm x 18.7cm x 5.6cm, 795g Per Set
  • Materials
    Bamboo, Plastic, Cotton


  • Size and Weight
    Large Container:
    5.51″ x 5.51″ x 1.81″, 6.17 oz
    14cm x 14cm x 4.6cm, 175g
    Small Container:
    2.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.81″, 1.76 oz
    7cm x 7cm x 4.6cm, 50g
  • Materials
    Food Safe / BPA Free Copolyester, Silicone

Magnetic Cutlery

  • Size
    7.36″ x 0.67″ x 0.22″
    18.7cm x 1.7cm x 0.57cm
    7.05″ x 1.02″ x 0.39″
    17.9cm x 2.58cm x 1.6cm
    6.69″ x 1.39″ x 0.39″
    17cm x 3.54cm x 1.6cm
  • Materials
    Plastic, Stainless Steel, Magnets

Frequently Asked

Where can I buy a Prepd Pack?

The Prepd Pack is available here. To place your order, add your desired items and follow the instructions on the checkout screen.


How much does shipping cost?

You can check the shipping costs by selecting your desired items and entering your country in the shipping calculator on the shopping cart summary screen. Shipping depends on the total weight of your order and your destination.


What are the containers made of?

The containers are made of food-safe BPA-free plastic. They are glass-clear, microwaveable and dishwasher safe too. The plastic is recyclable.


Is the Prepd Pack insulated?

The Prepd Pack adult lunch box itself is not insulated. The Prepd Carry Sleeve, available as an add-on, is made of neoprene materials and is insulated.


How do the Cool Sticks work?

The cool sticks are essentially ice packs (that you store in the freezer) to keep your food cool for longer.


How long will my food stay cold?

It’s impossible to say how long for exactly, as this varies with food density, composition and initial temperature along with ambient and/or storage conditions.

The Prepd Carry Sleeve, available as an add-on, is insulated and works with the Cool Sticks to keep your food cold longer.


How much does the Prepd Pack weigh?

The Prepd Pack including containers and chopsticks weighs about 800g or 1.75 lbs before you add food.


Where can I find the Prepd app?

The Prepd app is available to download for free on iOS and Android app stores as of November. You can get them here:

For iOS:

For Android:


Does the Prepd app sync with other nutrition-tracking apps?

The Prepd app syncs with Apple’s Health App, which in turn can feed into some calorie/nutrition counting apps. (Google Fit integration coming soon)


How do I wash and care for my Prepd Pack?

You’ll find all the care instruction you’ll need here:


Can I store my Prepd Pack in the freezer?

The Prepd Pack adult lunch box contains Bamboo, a natural material that doesn’t like the cold. Please do not put your Prepd Packs in the freezer.