On tap beer growler

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator On Tap Beer Growler Cooling System

  • Works with 5-liter reusable keg growler (included), or any standard pressurized or non-pressurized mini keg
  • Beer stays fresh for 30+ days after tapping
  • Thermoelectric cooling system keeps beer cold
  • LED temperature gauge: cools as low as 36°F based on ambient temperature
  • Quiet operation: no compressor, no vibration, low noise
  • Includes 3 CO2 cartridges (works with standard non-threaded CO2 or N2O cartridges)
  • Easy-pull tap handle
  • Squeeze bottle cleaning kit to keep beer lines fresh and clean
  • Removable drip tray



Quiet Operation

There is no compressor, meaning no vibrations and low noise.

Quiet Operation

Easy-Pull Tap Handle

CO2 Cartridges

Removable Drip Tray