Portable coffee grinder

1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder E-PRO Series with Adjustable Stainless Steel Burr, Consistency Grinding, Best for Travel&Camping, French Press Coarse to Espresso Fine Grind

  • Originated from 2018 Reddot Design Award Winner 1Zpresso Z-pro Manual Coffee Grinder – It’s a highly portable grinder. Take it wherever you go and having flavorful coffee everywhere. Without electricity, you can enjoy the coffee that match your taste at home, business office, or even during travel. It’s just at the right weight and length to pack it in bag with your favorite coffee beans,sharing your craft coffee with friends anywhere.
  • Equipped with Newly Designed E Grinding Burr – Made of stainless steel which can save your effort while grinding. The E-burr is accurately embedded on the central shaft ensure smooth and fast grind and result in great evenness of coffee powder. Making the coffee powder more even with consistency.
  • More Intuitive and Convenient Adjustment Design – New design of external numerical scale ring allows people to adjust their preference of coffee powder more intuitive and convenient. The usage of adjustment is like using an electric coffee grinder. The level of fineness and coarseness you want can be accurately reached. Many brewing methods, such as French Press, Pour-Over, Drip, AeroPress, Espresso and Siphon can be further applied according to personal specific fineness and coarseness.
  • Quick-Release Structure – Unlike electric coffee grinder, this manual coffee grinder can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning. By removing the body of the coffee grinder, the inner component such as bearing can be cleaned thoroughly with dust blower and dust brush.
  • Quality Manual Coffee Grinder – All 1ZPresso products use safe materials to make sure that it is safe to use for food preparations. The 1ZPresso E-pro Manual Coffee Grinder is made of aluminum and stainless steel and equipped with a newly-design E conical burr result in a durable performance. What’s more, want to grind your coffee bean much faster. This grinder can also instantly become an electric grinder by using a 6.3 mm electric drill sleeve.



Equipped with Newly-Designed E Burr 
1Zpresso E Manual Coffee Grinder equipped with newly-designed E burr which can save your effort while grinding.


Take it Anywhere
It has the ability for you to enjoy your favorite craft coffee anytime and anywhere you need it.


Grind for Any Brew
By adjusting the graduated dial, the level of fineness and coarseness of coffee powder can be easily adjusted.
So that various coffee powder can be easily applied to French Press, Pour-Over, Drip, AeroPress, Siphon, Espresso and more according to the respectively fineness and coarseness of coffee powder.


Relax and Enjoy
It is definitely a coffee grinder that would satisfy your need.
Grab your 1Zpresso E Manual Coffee Grinder with you and enjoy your coffee at office, home or even during travel and camping.