Rollie Bollie no-spill bowl

A great gift for a friend who has a kid, or who is a messy eater themselves. 😉

  • With gravity-defying engineering, dry food and snacks stay inside the bowl and off your floor no matter what kind of high-flying fun your kids get into.
  • Designed with a gyro shape like a kid’s toy.
  • 3 handles for easy carrying and lid to cover the food when not in use.  Easy to carry outside.
  • Multi-use – Not only for food, you can use it for place your small office equipment such clips, pins, needles or coins. Also, it makes an unique gift for your close ones!


  • gyro bowl
  • Non Spill & Less Mess
  • Snacks don’t fly around even if you hold the bowl sideways
  • it can be 360 rotating when be as a toy to play, but kindly noted: there are nothing in the bowl when you want to play 360 rotating
  • You could take apart and reassemble gyro bowl that could be clean it easily.

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