No-Thaw Hard Ice Cream Scoop for impatient ice cream lovers

  • THE ICE CREAM SCOOPER CHAMPION THAT BEATS THEM ALL – IS ACTUALLY THE LAST ICE-CREAM SCOOP YOU’LL NEED, EVER: LIFETIME GUARANTEED & backed by more than 800+ authentic, verified, 5 Star customer reviews – we promise this HEAVIEST DUTY Solid Single Piece Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop is the best HARD ICE CREAM SCOOPING CHAMPION you’ll ever need. And with endless uses, many customers say it’s quickly become their ‘go to kitchen gadget’.
  • CUTS THROUGH ROCK-HARD, FROZEN SOLID ICE CREAM LIKE WHIPPED CREAM – CREATE PERFECT CYLINDERS – with NO EFFORT & NO PAIN: Competitors ice-cream scoop PLOWS ice cream like its butter, creating chunks instead of a beautiful, perfectly cylindrical scoop atop my cone, sundae or pie! Even our customers with ARTHRITIS & CARPUL TUNNEL say that SUMO’s POINTED CYLINDRICAL TIP is the IDEAL HYBRID of Ice Cream Spade & Ice Cream Scoop – effortlessly gliding through rock hard ice cream with ZERO EFFORT.
  • DOES ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU – EVEN THE DISHES! What’s better than an icecream scoop that glides through frozen-solid ice cream like a sailboat across the water? One you can toss into the dishwasher! SUMO’s DISHWASHER-SAFE ice cream scooper washes on your regular cycle, comes out clean, and never fades or molds meaning you can wash this professional grade kitchen tool again and again with complete peace of mind.
  • CONVENIENCE – GRIPPY, NO-SLIP, COMFORT HANDLE: 100% BPA Free, Food-Safe & crafted from thermoplastic elastomer rubber, customers say this ice-cream scoopers handle is ‘grippy’, allowing for the perfect balance between a ‘firm grip’ and ‘squishy softness’-so it’ll never slip, or strain your hands. Plus the flat edge allows you to dig into the corners of rectangular ice cream containers – so you get EVERY LAST BITE!
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE – SOLID STAINLESS STEEL ICE-CREAM SCOOPER – LIFETIME GUARANTEED: It’s true what customers say, “You’ll feel its strength the first time you pick it up.” It’s solid stainless steel throughout – guaranteeing it’s so durable it’ll never break, pit, scratch, corrode, rust, mold, bend or chip. If it ever does, I’ll replace it. For life. Because I believe in only selling products you can pass on to the next generation with confidence.