Travel Bottle with Lockable Leakproof Sip & Seal Lids

  • 1. Each special detail makes it unique. Whole closely matching slot structure mode. Hidden structure handle design, solid & looks comfortable. One key on-off, Patented Multi – Functional Composite Keys Design.
  • 2. Material is Tritan, it is safety, more pro-environmentally and healthy without glued.
  • 3. One-handed performance, It is not only harsh on the appearance of the shape line extraction, the use of details is also built one the basic of ergonomics. Hand data repeated testing for more comfortable and 50000 times mechanical switching test.
  • 4. Ignore all the habits, single hand full range comfortable used, silicone sealing ring & spring imported 304 stainless steel shaft, Mosaic version silicone anti slip pad.
  • 5. Perfect gift for family and friends, Christmas and New Year, ideal Company prizes!



Standard: GB/T 21302-2007
Code: PL-00012
Size: 70mml X 46mmw X 230mmh
Material: Tritan, ABS, Sillicone, 304 stainless steel
Color: Pink/White
1.BPA – free
No BPA component in the polymerization process, and will not release BPA when using in line with the requirements of environmental protection and FDA.
2.Limpid transparent
Light transmittance > 90%, haze < 1%, glassy like crystal.
3.Excellent impact strength
Won’t fracture when impact if there’s no gap crack impact strength between 650-980J/m with gap crack, the impact strength is comparable to PC.
4.Excellent hydrolysis resistance
Corrosion of anti-detergent, cleaning agent, hydrocarbon solvent, oil, perfume, etc. Tritan can resist hydrolysis in the wet and hot environment.
5.High temperature resistance
Low pressure while heat distortion temperature between 94℃-109℃.