Unfiltered Raw Ginger Honey

  • ***Please note that these gift boxes are hand crafted and each one varies in shape and box details from the images. All gift boxes have two 16 ounce jars of honey, only the box and packaging varies – each one is unique!!***
  • A HONEY FOR OUR FAMILY AND YOURS. Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm isn’t just a business, it is a project of passion that was started to care for our own family. We produce our honey on our rural Hunterdon County Farm to meet the unique nutritional needs of our children, so you can trust that we pour our heart and soul into every jar we make.
  • A NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE LIKE NO OTHER. While filtration and pasteurization have left most honeys nutritionally dead, our honey remains untouched by these processes. You can be confident that Zach & Zoe honey is loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.
  • HEALTHY MEETS INDULGENT. Includes (2) 16 Ounce Jars, one each of Ginger and Creamed Honey. Our honey has a smooth texture and rich color, resulting in nature’s perfect indulgence. Use this incredible honey for spreading or dipping, to sweeten your favorite drink, or to bake that perfect confection.
  • OUR FARM IS DIFFERENT. We like to think that our bees are the happiest bees on Earth. At a time when the honeybee population is in rapid decline, we maintain an environment where bees can flourish. Our bees happily collect their fruit nectar from a blend of naturally occurring wildflowers, just the way they did centuries ago. This results in healthier, happier bees; and of course, the finest honey on Earth.




THE ZACH & ZOE STORY. Our journey began when we moved to beautiful Hunterdon County, NJ several years ago. Zach, our youngest child, has asthma and suffered from very bad seasonal allergies, which naturally worsened in our new rural surroundings. After months of searching for a solution to his allergies, we read about the many benefits of local, raw honey; and that honey can help prevent allergies. The concept of immunotherapy holds that with exposure to low amounts of an allergen, the body will become less sensitive to that element. Because raw honey contains trace amounts of pollen, the body can then become less sensitive to pollen in general.

As we purchased lots of raw honey from local beekeepers, who we came to know as friends and mentors, our family’s interest in honey-making continued to grow. We spent weekends devouring books on the topic, including the rapid decline of the honeybee population. We finally took the plunge and ordered our very own honeybees, officially starting our journey as beekeepers. It has been a wild ride, but we don’t regret a minute of it!

OUR FARM IS THE SECRET. In an age of Big Business, exploitative farming practices are designed to pursue the bottom line. But we have always believed that no one knows how to make honey like honeybees. That’s why we have worked to maintain natural farming practices that leave our bees healthy, happy, and productive. Our bees draw fruit nectar from a variety of wildflowers that grow naturally on our rural farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey; and we let them produce honey on their terms, just the way they did centuries ago.