Electric Wine Aerating Decanter

  • Aerates wines gently for a smoother more fulfilling taste faster than traditional decanters
  • LED indicator lights to both show the decanting process and indicate when the decanter is ready for use
  • A must-have tool for the wine enthusiasts whether you are a True connoisseur or just really love wine. This is the product for you!
  • Special magnetized device used to gently stir the wine allowing for good aeration to help improve the wine by releasing the flavors and bringing out the aromas of the wine
  • Fully decanted and ready to serve wine in minutes
  • Great for parties, both as a conversation piece and a quick way to serve better tasting wine



Key Features

Quickly and gently aerate your wine

The My Sommelier is a great way to decant your favorite wines. It gently aerates with a gentle whirlpool. Faster than traditional decanting, the My Sommelier wine decanter takes only minutes to achieve the same effect as the traditional decanting process.

LED indicator light and special magnetized base

LED indicator lights present on top the magnetized base of the My Sommelier wine decanter to both tell you when your wine is ready and help with the ambience of your party. The special magnetized base slowly spins the magnet to create a whirlpool motion in the wine, gently aerating to give a fully realized taste. Brings out all the flavors and aromas faster than traditional decanting. Watch as your wine is lite up and decanter right in front of you and your guests.

Easy clean up

The bottle of the My Sommelier is made up of 4 easy to detach parts for clean up. Unscrew the magnet tray from the glass bottle and gently hand wash each part. After cleaning place the magnet back in the dish and cover with the silicone net. Then reattach the base back to the glass bottle.

Perfect portability for any setting or location

The My Sommelier wine decanter is compatible with cellphone power bank portable chargers. Take your dinner party outside without having to worry about finding a power outlet for your wine decanter. Enjoy your wine anywhere you like.