Chicken Jerky: from ancient eats to timeless treats

Chicken jerky (a.k.a. poultry jerky) is more than just a gas station grab. This age-old snack, with roots as deep as the canyons and as vast as the plains, is making a clucking comeback. Let’s embark on a flavorful expedition through history, exploring how jerky transformed from survival food to a modern health hero.

A Timeless Preservation Technique

Imagine nomads roaming the land, their bellies rumbling with the need for sustenance. They weren’t Instagramming their meals, but they were onto something big: jerky. This ingenious method of drying meat, used by ancient civilizations like the Incas and Egyptians, was key to keeping food fresh without fancy fridges. Think of it as nature’s very own time capsule for protein!

Pioneers, Jerky, and the American Trail Mix

Fast forward to cowboys and settlers conquering the Wild West. They packed jerky like a trusty sidekick, a lightweight, long-lasting fuel for their adventures. It wasn’t just a snack; it was a symbol of resilience, a testament to their ability to thrive in the face of hardship. And guess what? They, too, embraced the versatility of jerky, eventually adopting it for, you guessed it, chicken.

The Modern Crave for Jerky Goodness

Today, chicken jerky isn’t just about survival; it’s a celebration. We’re health-conscious foodies, and jerky fits the bill perfectly. Lean, protein-packed, and low in fat, it’s like a delicious high-five for our bodies. And let’s not forget the flavor fiesta! From fiery sriracha to smoky BBQ, there’s a jerky adventure for every palate.

Convenience Meets Craving

Remember that nomad carrying jerky across the plains? Now, imagine tossing a pack in your bag for a hike, stashing some in your desk drawer for a power snack, or grabbing a quick bite on your commute. That’s the beauty of jerky: it’s always ready for your next move.

Ready to Jerk?

Whether you’re a seasoned jerky aficionado or a curious newcomer, there’s a whole world of deliciousness waiting to be explored. From the smoky depths of Jack Link’s to the zesty heights of Krave’s Buffalo Style, there’s a perfect jerky match for your taste buds. Here are some of the most popular chicken jerky brands you can try yourself:

  1. Krave Jerky
  2. EPIC
  3. Lee’s Market Jerky
  4. Wicked Cutz
  5. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky
  6. Jack Link’s
  7. Mighty Spark
  8. The New Primal

The next time you reach for a snack, keep in mind that you’re not just grabbing a bite; you’re taking a bite of history, a taste of adventure, and fuel for your on-going journey. So, go forth, explore the jerkyverse, and let your taste buds wander!

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Kristina Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Glutto and an alumna of the University of California, San Diego. She writes articles & posts for Glutto Digest with insights from fellow industry experts. Furthermore, she is the author of The Fittest Food Lovers: How EVERY BODY Can be Incredibly Fit and Still Enjoy Food, a collaborative philanthropic book with proceeds going to charities that fight world hunger.