Automated Restaurants: eat like the Jetsons

automated restaurant

What are automated restaurants? 

It’s pretty much what it sounds like.  They are eating & drinking establishments that use some form of technology to automatically perform certain service-related tasks for the customer. In other words, robots serve customers in place of humans.

For example, some restaurants use iPads to instantly take orders and payments in lieu of a waiter.  Others may use conveyor belts (e.g. kaiten-sushi), robots or drones to deliver the food to the tables.  In most cases, the automation is part of the customer experience.  The future is here.


Where can I check them out?  Automated restaurants are prevalent in parts of Europe and Asia…especially Japan which has pretty much everything from robot waiters to food ATMs.  However, you can find many restaurants with unique forms of automation throughout the US.

Boston, MA: robot prepared bowls at Spycespyce bowl robots?: Spyce on Facebook

Fremont, CA: conveyor belt-delivered food at
Gen Korean BBQ automated restaurants fremont california gen korean bbq
?: Gen Korean BBQ on Facebook

Las Vegas, NV: robot bartenders at the
Tipsy Robotautomated restaurants las vegas nevada tipsy bartender 
?: @thetipsyrobot on Instagram

San Diego, CA: conveyor belt-delivered food at
Kura Revolving Sushi Bar automated restaurants san diego california kula revolving sushi bar
?: Kura on Facebook

Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA): robot-made
pizzas at Zume Pizza automated restaurant silicon valley mountian view california zume pizza
?: Zume Pizza on Facebook

Washington D.C. (McLean, VA): conveyor belt-delivered food at Wasabiautomated restaurants boston natick wasabi?: Wasabi on Facebook

Honolulu, HI: iPad ordering and
bullet train delivery at Genki Sushigenki
?: Genki Suhi on Facebook

Kansas City, MO: train-delivered food at
Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant
 automated restaurants kansas city missouri fritz's railroad
?: Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant on Facebook

Los Angeles, CA (Torrance): iPad ordering at Stackedautomated restaurants torrance los angeles stacked?: Stacked on Facebook

San Francisco, CA: iPad ordering and
personalized cubby pickup at Eatsaautomated restaurants san francisco california eatsa?: Eatsa on Facebook

Seattle, WA: conveyor belt-delivered food at
Blue C Sushiautomated restaurant seattle washington blue c sushi
?: Blue C Sushi on Facebook

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