Mother's Day charcuterie board food platter

There’s no one quite like your mother. Whether you call her mom, mommy, mama, mum, ma or something completely different, she’s one-of-a-kind. That’s why a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and show that you appreciate her is to represent her uniqueness through a Mother’s Day charcuterie board.

What is a Mother’s Day charcuterie board?

It’s a food board centered around the theme of Mother’s Day. A traditional charcuterie board would include meats, cheese and crackers and perhaps a few other accompaniments. But a Mother’s Day charcuterie board can be completely customized with your mom’s favorite appetizers and snacks.

What goes on a Mother’s Day charcuterie board?

This is completely up to you since you (really should) know what your mom’s favorite foods are. If you have no idea where to start, here’s a list of the traditional components of a charcuterie board and several examples for each. However, it’s up to you which specific foods to include based on your mom’s tastes.


Remember, these are purely suggestions and can be completely replaced with whatever your mom likes best.

  • sliced meats: pepperoni, pastrami, ham, bacon, turkey, prosciutto, or meat substitutes
  • artisanal cheeses: cheddar, swiss, brie, gruyère, harvarti, manchego, or goat cheese
  • bread & crackers: French baguette, sourdough, Hawaiian rolls, pretzel rolls, or breadsticks
  • veggies and herbs: carrots, pickles, olives, basil, or rosemary
  • nuts & seeds: peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, ro pomegranate seeds
  • dips & spreads: onion dip, ranch dressing, or paté


If your mom has more of a sweet tooth and would prefer a sweet “charcuterie” board instead, here are some suggestions.

  • candies: chocolates, fun-size candy bars, jelly beans, or gummy candies
  • baked goods: bite-sized cupcakes, cookies, or cinnamon rolls
  • fruits: apple slices, red grapes, green grapes, black grapes or dried apricots
  • jams & jellies: strawberry jam, grape jelly, apricot preserves or marmalade


Beyond the food itself, you can add an extra pop of festiveness by adding additional Mother’s Day decorations to frame the charcuterie board. The best thing you could do is personalize it with images or small representations of things your mom likes (music, hobbies, etc.).

colors, patterns and textures

Unlike many other holidays, there’s no one color that represents Mother’s Day. There are certain color palettes that can be used but don’t feel limited to them. Feel free to change up the colors on your food board and decor to whatever you think your mom would like best.

  • black – represents classiness and luxury
  • blue – represents intelligence, calmness and responsibility
  • green – represents nature, luck and tranquility
  • pink – represents love, kindness and playfulness
  • red – represents love, energy and courage
  • yellow – represents optimism, energy and joy
  • white – represents purity, cleanliness and simplicity

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