Mushroom Coffee: kick start your day & take the edge off

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What is mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee is a type of coffee that is made with, you guessed it—mushrooms. Rather than using coffee beans, mushrooms are brewed into the coffee. It is said to be a healthier alternative to traditional coffee rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

The first known mention of mushroom coffee was in a German book published in 1784. However, the first known recipe for it was from a Japanese book published in 1885. Mushroom coffee became popular in the West in the 1960s. Today, there are dozens of brands that produce this coffee alternative around the world.

What does mushroom coffee taste like?

Mushroom coffee has a unique earthy flavor that surprisingly differs from the expected flavor of mushrooms. Like coffee, some say it has hints of chocolate or nuts, while others describe it as being slightly bitter and acidic. Overall, it’s a fairly distinct flavor that can always be adjusted to one’s liking with sweetener and cream.

What are its health benefits?

Mushroom coffee is becoming an increasingly popular drink, with many drinkers touting its adaptogenic ingredients and many health benefits. But what exactly does it do for your health? Here are some of the key benefits of drinking mushroom coffee:

  • no jitters or crash
  • boosts energy and focus
  • supports weight loss
  • aids indigestion
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • reduces inflammation
  • enhances cognitive performance
  • boosts immune system function
  • helps fight cancer cells
  • reduces stress levels
  • prevents premature aging

Is it hallucinogenic?

Mushroom coffee is not hallucinogenic, as there is no psilocybin or other psychoactive compounds in the mushrooms used to make it. In other words, it’s not made from magic mushrooms. (Magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, but like marijuana, this may change over time.) However, some people report feeling more alert and energetic after drinking mushroom coffee, possibly due to the caffeine content.

How many cups should I drink?

According to the FDA, it is safe for healthy adults to drink up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. That equates to approximately 4-5 cups of traditional coffee. Since there is about half the amount of caffeine in a cup of mushroom coffee as there is in a traditional cup of coffee, it is safe to drink up to 8-10 cups of this mushroom alternative in a day, given that there are no additional active ingredients.

What are some popular mushroom coffee brands?

Although there are many beverage brands that provide a mushroom alternative to traditional coffee, here are some of the best-known ones:

Where can I get mushroom coffee?

You can find various types of fungi-based coffee at most health food stores and online retailers including

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