Cotton Candy Wine: know your cotton candy varietals

Cotton candy wine is a type of wine that is known to taste like cotton candy. Usually, these wines are made from grapes that yield a naturally sweet flavor that is likened to the popular fluffy treat.

Are there any varietals that naturally taste like cotton candy?

Certain types of grapes do have an inherently sweet, candy-like flavor. These include Cotton Candy grapes, North American Niagara grapes and Italian Schiava (pronounced SKEE-ah-va) grapes. Schiava grapes are also known as Vernatsch, Black Hamburg in England and Trollinger in Germany. Many of these varietals are used to make sweet or dessert wines.

Which wines taste like cotton candy?

There are a number of wineries that make a cotton candy-flavored wine. Some of them have been made to taste just like cotton candy. Others have the essence, the aroma and/or the finish of cotton candy. Here are some of the most popular brands that have made their own version of wine with that familiar spun sugar taste.

Carnival Candy by Urban Vines

urban vines carnival candy wine

This is a sweet white blend made from grapes in the Great Lakes region. It has natural cotton candy flavors that are maintained through their slow fermentation process.

Cotton Candy Wine by St. Julian

st julian cotton candy wine

This is a medium-bodied white blend primarily made with the naturally sweet Niagara grape. It has flavors of strawberry, raspberry and bubble gum with a cotton candy finish.

Cotton Candy by Purple Toad

purple toad winery cotton candy

This is a blend of white and red grapes with added natural cotton candy flavor. It has a cotton candy aroma and finish.

Cotton Candy by Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

gatlinburg cotton candy wine

This is an award-winning sweet wine made predominantly of Diamond grapes (similar to Niagara in fruit and Concord in vine).

Cotton Candy Rosé by Wilson Creek Winery

wilson creek winery rose

This is a sparkling wine with the aroma of cotton candy and flavors of sweet strawberries and melons.

Cotton Candy Rosé by Diamond Estates

diamond estates cotton candy rose

This medium sweet vino has aromas of cotton candy and bubble gum. It also has notes of cherries, plums and raspberries.

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