Fresh Fruit Infused Water: stop killing your taste buds, invigorate them instead

fruit infused water

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?

Why drink infused water?

As you may have read from many of our previous health-related articles, drinking water is a necessity to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Although water is readily available and often costs nothing, some people refuse to drink it.  Instead, they make excuses, the #1 excuse being that it lacks flavor.   Sugar-packed drinks like soda, energy drinks, and other artificially flavored drinks fill their cups.  Unfortunately, according to a study in the UK, simply drinking two sugary drinks daily dulls your sensitivity to sweetness and enhances your preference for sweet foods & drinks.  Plus, all that sugar isn’t great for your health overall in the long run…especially those “diet” drinks.



If you want a clean, healthy drink with flavor, what’s your best option?  It can be confusing since there are so many choices within the water scene itself, from black water (perfect to drink with your black food) to fat water (to help burn fat).  Enter infused water.  Water infused with fruits, vegetables and herbs add flavor without adding health-sabotaging ingredients.


Where can I get it?  Infused water is usually complimentary for guests at high-end spas, hotels, and gyms.  However, you are limited to whatever infused flavors these places provide.  For your own customized flavor, we recommend using the fruit combinations below to elevate your water-drinking experience.

If you want to make infused water a go-to drink, visit our “Gifts for Foodies” page and consider getting yourself a fruit infused water pitcher and/or water bottle.


How can I make it?   Just pick up some fresh ingredients from your local produce store or farmer’s market, clean it, peel it or slice it (if necessary), put it in your water and chill in your refrigerator for at least 2 hours.   Take your water game to the next level by infusing your water with these refreshing, thirst-quenching fruit and vegetable combinations:

  1. strawberry + mint
  2. orange + lemon + lime
  3. peach + cherry
    peach and cherry infused water
  4. kiwi + strawberry + calamansi
  5. lime + mint
  6. blueberry + lemon + lavender
  7. pineapple + ginger + mint
  8. watermelon + basil
  9. peach + blackberries
  10. cucumber + lemon + rosemary
  11. coconut + pineapple
  12. starfruit + strawberry

Note: Feel free to play around with the ingredients.  Start with even amounts of fruits/vegetables and a sprig or two of herbs.  Generously add more ingredients of any flavor you want to “punch up.” Enjoy!

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