Vegan Fish and Fish-free Seafood

vegan fish vegan seafood

What is vegan fish?  What is vegan seafood? 

As with anything vegan, vegan fish and vegan seafood are made from products that are 100% animal-free.  As veganism grows in popularity and availability, companies are stepping up their game to improve vegan foods to taste like the real thing.  Although vegan beef, vegan chicken and vegan eggs tend to make more headlines; vegan fish and vegan seafood are steadily becoming more and more prevalent.

With information of the dangers of overfishing and the potential ingestion of toxins from eating seafood becoming more widespread, there has been an increase of consumers searching for more sustainable and safer alternatives.   In order to satiate this new appetite for safe and sustainable seafood, companies have invested in research and development to create a new and improved generation of “seafood.”

What companies provide vegan fish and seafood?  

There are several companies focused on producing the best vegan fish and other vegan seafood.  A couple of the front-runners include Good Catch and Sophie’s Kitchen.  Their products closely simulate the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of real fish and seafood.

Good Catch seafood products are all 100% plant-based.  In order to produce the taste and texture of authentic seafood, they use algae oil and a 6-legume blend.  They do not contain any dairy, gluten, GMOs, shellfish allergens, mercury, plastic or microfibers. Their products include: fish-free tuna, crab-free cakes, fish-free sliders, and fish-free burgers.

Sophie’s Kitchen calls their products “gourmet plant-based seafood.”  By using pea protein and Konjac root, they are able to also achieve an accurate flavor and feel of real seafood.  Their non-GMO and soy-free products include: crab cakes, lightly-breaded fish fillets, lightly-breaded coconut shrimp, shrimp, scallops, seafood jambalaya, lobster mac n cheese, smoked salmon, tuna, glazed salmon bacon, smoked salmon pastrami, and pastrami jerky.

Not to be overlooked are several other innovative companies that provide noteworthy vegan fish and other plant-based seafood products.  “Sea” the lot of their offerings here:

Good Catchvegan tuna salad

vegan tuna salad good catch foods
photo: Good Catch on Facebook

Ocean Hugger Foodsvegan sushi with Ahimi™

vegan sushi ocean hugger foods
photo: Ocean Hugger Foods on Facebook

Heritage Health Foodvegan fish sandwich

vegan fish sandwich heritage health foods

Sophie’s Kitchenvegan crab cakes

vegan crab cakes sophie's kitchen
photo: Sophie’s Kitchen on Facebook

Gardeinvegan fish ‘n chips

gardein vegan fish n chips
photo: Gardein on Facebook

Prime Roots (coming soon): vegan salmon burger

vegan salmon burger terramino foods

New Wave Foodsvegan shrimp tacos

vegan shrimp salad new wave foods
photo: New Wave on Facebook

Where can I get it?  

You can find these vegan fish and seafood products at grocery stores throughout the US and online.  Click on the company names above for the latest exact stores and locations of where you can get them.

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