The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger: veggie burgers made for carnivores

Discover the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, the veggie burgers made for carnivores. impossible burger and beyond burger(Question: Which of these are meat burgers, Impossible Burgers, or Beyond Burgers? See answer below.)

What is the 
Impossible Burger?  What is the Beyond Burger? 

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based burger, meaning the burger patty is made from plants and without any meat.  It consists of simple ingredients including: wheat protein, coconut oil and potato protein.  Also, it is completely free of antibiotics, hormones and other artificial ingredients.

What makes this burger “impossible” is that the consistency, texture and flavor are shockingly similar to red meat.  To achieve these meat-like properties, the patty is infused with a special ingredient—heme (pronounced “heem”), an iron-containing compound found in all living organisms.  But in order to avoid animal products and the reduce environmental impact, the developers of this burger genetically engineered this heme from yeast.  In July 2018, the FDA had unanimously deemed heme safe to eat.

The Beyond Burger is also plant-based burger that is made to resemble red meat.  Its ingredients include proteins from pea and soy, all-natural seasonings and beet juice…so it “bleeds” like a real burger.  According to Beyond Meat, their burgers are made with 100% plant-protein.  Furthermore, these proteins are aligned in the same fibrous structure as animal protein using a proprietary heating-cooling-pressure process.  As a result, this produces the taste and texture of meat without the antibiotics, hormones and GMOs found in many beef burgers.

Why make meat-like plant burgers?

Neither of these burgers were made for vegans or vegetarians who don’t care for the taste of meat.  They were created for hardcore carnivores to help increase the sustainability of the global food system.  By attracting meat-eaters to these meat-like burgers, much fewer resources would be consumed.

What do the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger taste like?

According to a taste comparison by Health, both the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger “simulate meat so well you might be willing to leave the real thing behind forever.”  The Beyond Burger is more tender and less chewy than your run-of-the-mill veggie patty making it a decent meat substitute.  The Impossible Burger, on the other hand, even more closely resembles a real beef burger in all aspects.  Either way, these burgers are a good way for carnivores to enter the plant-based world without giving up the taste of meat.

(a dramatized depiction of a real-life reaction)

Where can I get these burgers?  

According to Impossible Foods, their Impossible Burger can now be found in over a thousand restaurants across the country.  But if you’ve tried one, you definitely haven’t tried them all since these restaurants each use their own style and flavor.  Scroll down to see some of the best spots to try this meatless “meat.”

Meanwhile, the Beyond Burger is available pretty much anywhere.  Find it: on Amazon, in hundreds of restaurants, dozens of colleges and over 5,000 grocery stores nationwide…in the meat section no less.  Beyond Meat has also gone beyond burgers to provide other meat-less alternatives for chicken, sausage and crumbles (think tacos and sloppy joes).  Here are some of the most popular locations that serve up their surprisingly meaty non-meat burgers.

Dallas, TX (locations nationwide): TGI Fridays
-Beyond Burger-beyond burger dallas tx📷:

Los Angeles, CA (select locations nationwide): Umami Burger
-Impossible Burger-impossible burger los angeles la california📷: Umami Burger on Facebook

San Diego, CA: Jayne’s Gastropub
-Impossible Burger-impossible burger san diego📷: Jayne’s Gastropub on Facebook

New York, NY (locations nationwide): BurgerFi
-Beyond Burger-beyond burger new york📷: BurgerFi on Facebook

New York, NY (locations nationwide): White Castle
-Impossible Burger-impossible slider impossible burger white castle new york brooklyn📷: White Castle on Facebook

San Francisco, CA:  Jardinière
-Impossible Burger-impossible burger san francisco📷:  Jardinière on Facebook

(Answer: In the main photo above, ALL 3 burgers in the top row are Impossible Burgers…
and ALL 3 burgers in the bottom row are Beyond Burgers.)

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