Rolled Ice Cream Machine – equipment to make the best rolled ice cream

rolled ice cream machine

Looking for the top rolled ice cream machines? As you might assume, a quality rolled ice cream machine is required to make rolled ice cream properly and efficiently.

Don’t confuse this equipment with a traditional ice cream maker. These are specifically for making rolls (not scoops) of ice cream.

Scroll down to find the best machinery, tools and equipment to start your own rolled ice cream business…or simply impress your friends with some ice cream rolls at home!

Commercial grade

If you’re looking to make ice cream rolls often and with the greatest speed and efficiency, you will definitely want to invest in a professional grade rolled ice cream machine. These are heavy duty and will withstand the constant day-to-day use.

Rolled Ice Cream Machines

These are some of the best commercial rolled ice cream machines, essential to any rolled ice cream business.

  • APW Wyott GFT-45 – This is a great built-in solution to seamlessly have a rolled ice cream machine in your commercial kitchen.
  • Kolice Commercial Double Round Pans ETL – If you’re looking to really churn out your stir fried ice cream at the fastest rate possible, you’ll want to get dual pans. This multi-pan rolled ice cream machine comes with an automatic defroster, two spatulas, transparent sneeze guard and smart AI temperature controller.
  • Kolice Commercial Single Round Pan ETL – If you’re not planning to use two pans simultaneously, this ice cream machine is a less expensive commercial option. It has one pan, two spatulas and an start AI temperature controller.

Heavy Duty Scrapers/Spatulas

The frequent making of ice cream rolls demands, not just a reliable machine to freeze the cream into ice cream, but durable tools to easily scrape the flattened ice cream into rolls. These are some of the highest quality commercial metal scrapers and spatulas for heavy duty use.

At home

If you’re looking to occasionally make ice cream rolls at home, you may want to go the more cost-effective route and get one of these smaller, less expensive options.

Rolled Ice Cream Pans

These compact rolled ice cream pans make it easy to roll your ice cream in the comfort of your own home. This is great for parties, special occasion desserts or hot days when you just feel like a cold creamy treat.


If you’re simply making rolled ice cream once in a while at home, it’s not nearly as important to get a commercial-grade scraper to roll your ice cream. Metal scrapers are ideal for commercial rolled ice cream machines. However, many rolled ice cream pans for home use come with plastic or rubber spatulas that won’t damage your pan. If you need a replacement, make sure the new spatula you get is rigid and tapers off at the tip. That makes easy to lift the solidified ice cream off of the pan. Here are some quality rolled ice cream scrapers and spatulas you should consider.

Putting Your Equipment to Work

Already have the right equipment to make your rolls of ice cream? Then you’re ready to roll. Make sure you follow these steps on how to make your very own rolled ice cream!

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