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Sushi Burritos: sink your teeth into sushi like never before


sushi burritos wraps

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?

What is a sushi burrito? 

Simply put, a sushi burrito is a large sushi roll wrapped up like a burrito.  The ingredients are typically those of a traditional sushi roll: protein, vegetables, rice and nori (dried seaweed sheets).  However, instead of slicing the sushi into pieces, it’s served as one whole wrap.

Mentions of the sushi burrito date back to the early 2000’s, but a San Francisco-based company, Sushirrito®, claimed its origin in 2008 and first brought the sushi burrito to the masses in 2011.  

Where can I get it?  

Here are some popular locations where you can try sushi burritos for yourself…
(Note: In August 2017, Starbucks announced that they will begin serving sushi burritos.)

Houston, TX: Sushi Pop

Los Angeles, CA: Bobarrito

photo: Bobarrito on Facebook

Nashville, TN: Funk Seoul Brother

photo:  Funk Seoul Brother on Instagram

Philadelphia, PA (King of Prussia) : Hai Street Kitchen & Co.

photo:  Hai Street Kitchen on Facebook

Salt Lake City, UT: Sushi Burrito Utah

photo: Sushi Burrito Utah on Facebook

Las Vegas, NV: Soho Sushi Burrito

photo: Soho Sushi Burrito on Facebook

Miami, FL: Burrito San

photo:  Burrito San on Facebook

New York, NY: Rawl

photo:  Rawl on Facebook

Sacramento, CA: Make Fish

photo:  Make Fish on Facebook

San Diego, CA: Pokirrito

photo: @pokirrito on Instagram

San Francisco, CA: Sushirrito

photo: Sushirrito on Facebook

Looking for more places that sushi burritos?  You can find them on Glutto right here

How can I make it? 

If you want to make a sushi burrito of your very own, we recommend this simple recipe. You can also save it on Glutto here.



  1. Mix cooked sushi rice, rice vinegar, sugar and salt
  2. Slice avocado, salmon, cucumber, carrots in thin pieces & set aside
  3. Place nori sheet onto a sushi roller (if you don’t have a sushi roller, you can get an inexpensive one here)
  4. Moisten fingers in bowl of warm water to help spread sushi rice evenly on the nori sheet
  5. Place toppings on the nori sheet (leave 1 inch of space from the bottom)
  6. Roll sheet and gently press down as you roll, so the rice keeps the roll together. Add additional pressure when you reach the end of the roll so it doesn’t fall apart.  Slice the ends for a clean look.
  7. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi (optional) and enjoy!

P.S. If you’ve already mastered the sushi burrito, maybe you should try your hand at the sushi donut.


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