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Tapsilog and other Silogs: garlic rice & egg are the ultimate pairing


Find out what is, how to make and where to find, buy, and order the best beef tapsilog, silog, longsilog, tosilog, bangsilog and spamsilog including menu, recipe and meals at bistro express restaurants near you.

What are tapsilog and other silogs? 

Tapsilog is a popular Filipino breakfast dish.  It is a combination of 3 main components: cooked beef or other meat (tapa in Tagalog) + garlic fried rice (sinangag) + egg (itlog).  There are many variations of tapsilogs or “silogs,” a portmanteau for sinangag and itlog.  All the variations use name of the meat plus the suffix -silog.  Here are some common variations that you’ll find at many Filipino restaurants that serve breakfast or brunch:

  • adobosilog / adosilog = adobo (cooked marinated meat) + silog (garlic rice and egg)
  • baconsilogbacsilog = bacon + silog
  • bangusilog  / bangsilog = bangus (fish) + silog
  • bisteksilog = bistek (beef steak) + silog
  • chorizosilog / chosilog = chorizo + silog
  • cornsilog = corned beef + silog
  • hotdogsilog / hotsilog = hot dog + silog
  • longsilog = longanisa (sausage) + silog
  • sisigsilog / sisilog = sisig (seasoned pork or other meat) + silog
  • spamsilog = Spam (yes, the good ol’ canned stuff) + silog
  • tapsilog = tapa (cooked beef) + silog
  • tocilog = tocino (sweetened thick bacon) + silog

Where can I get tapsilog?  

If you’re looking to try one (or more) of the many versions of tapsilog, you’ll want to visit an authentic Filipino breakfast spot.  They’re not too difficult to find in areas with large Filipino populations. Here are some locations that are known to serve up some great silogs.

Chicago, IL: Uncle Mike’s Place

tapsilog silog chicago illinois
photo: Uncle Mike’s Place on Facebook

Los Angeles, CA (Torrance): Silog

tapsilog slilog longsilog los angeles la california
photo: Silog on Facebook

Las Vegas, NV: D’Pinoy Joint

tapsilog silog bangsilog las vegas nevada
photo: Maharlika on Facebook

New York, NY: Maharlika

tapsilog silog tocilog nyc new york
photo: Maharlika on Facebook

San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Daly City): Chibog

tapsilog silog spamsilog san francisco daly city california
photo: Chibog on Facebook

Looking for more places that serve tapsilog? Check out this interactive map for restaurants that serve tapsilog near you!

How can I make tapsilog?  

You can easily make tapsilog at home with a handful of basic ingredients.  Here’s a super simplified and flexible recipe that you can follow to enjoy a little taste of the Philippines for breakfast.

tapsilog silog longsilog tosilog


a savory breakfast dish with egg and garlic rice


  • 2 cups white rice (or brown rice)
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil
  • 1 head of garlic (minced)
  • salt & pepper (to taste)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup cooked meat: adobo, beef steak, corned beef, spam, tocino, spam tocino, etc. (either from your local Filipino restaurant, or make it at home)


  1. First, cook the rice in the rice cooker according to the rice cooker directions.
  2. On a heated pan, put half the oil and garlic.  Cook until golden brown.
  3. Mix in the cooked rice evenly with the garlic.
  4. Move the garlic rice to a plate. Add the remaining oil to the pan and cook the egg sunny side up (or however you like).
  5. Serve the garlic rice, egg and meat together.  Enjoy!

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