Alaskan foods: explore the last frontier…by mouth

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Alaskan regional food

Alaska, the largest state in the US, also has the longest coastline of all the states.  This lends itself to wide access of fresh seafood and wild game.  Although you may have had Alaskan king crab legs, king salmon and bison burgers; chances are you’ve never even heard of jellied moose nose or stinkheads…unless you’re Alaskan.  Find out more about these and other delicacies unique to the 49th state:

  • Alaska wine: wine made in Alaska that are made from fruits other than grapes
  • Alaskan berries: berries native to Alaska including salmonberries, lingonberries, and mossberries
  • Alaskan salmon: freshwater salmon native to Alaska (chum salmon, sockeye salmon, king salmon, silver salmon and pink salmon); most often prepared as smoked salmon and salmon jerky
  • Akutaq (Agutuk): a.k.a. “Eskimo ice cream” or “Alaskan Ice Cream” is a light, foamy treat made from whipped reindeer fat, seal oil, snow and berries
  • jellied moose nose: an Alaskan delicacy of cooked moose snout softened into a gelatinous texture and served cold
  • muktuk: a traditional Inuit meal made from frozen whale skin and blubber; often eaten raw, but sometimes breaded or deep fried and served with soy sauce (only native tribes can legally hunt whale)
  • reindeer sausages: sausages made of reindeer and often eaten in hot dogs, stew, steak
  • stinkheads: a.k.a. “tepa” is a Yupik delicacy made of fish heads buried in the ground for a few weeks until fully fermented
  • other wild game: meat from moose, bear, carabou and the like are eaten by Alaskans who hunt animals for food, but are unavailable commercially
salmon jerky
salmon jerky

Where can I get it?  

If you ever find yourself in The Last Frontier (and you’re an adventurous foodie), you may be tempted to try some of the more exotic dishes.  Unfortunately, many of these can’t be found in any restaurant…You’ll have to make friends with the locals, or attend a Potlatch open to the public to try those.  However, make sure to stop by these places to try out some of the best foods Alaska has to offer…

Alaskan salmon in Anchorage, AK: Glacier Brewhouse

Alaskan salmon glacier brewhouse
photo: Glacier Brewhouse on Facebook

fresh Alaskan seafood in Anchorage, AK: Simon and Seafort’s

fresh alaskan seafood halibut cheeks alaskan king crab legs
photo: Simon and Seafort’s on Facebook

reindeer sausage in Anchorage, AK: International House of Hot Dogs

alaskan food reindeer sausage hot dogs
photo: IHOH on Facebook

 local game burgers in Juneau, AK: Sandpiper Cafe

alaskan wild game exotic meat burgers in alaska
photo: Sandpiper Cafe on Facebook

Can’t make it to Alaska anytime soon?  Then maybe you’ll want to try one of these:

Alaska Smoked King Salmon Jerky

Alaskan Gift Box

SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio

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