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Raclette: introducing the melted cheese of your dreams


raclette scraped melted cheese

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?

What is raclette?  

Raclette is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland.  It is commonly shaped into a giant wheel of cheese that is sliced and held to an open flame or other heat source. Once a layer melts, it is scraped off onto bread, vegetables or meat.  (“Racler” means “to scrape” in French.)  Videos of this melty cheese have frequently gone viral due to its seductively gooey nature when melted and scraped…

There’s even a place in Izmir, Turkey called Sir Winston Optimum that has started making raclette cheeseburgers.

Where can I get it? 

If you’re a cheese lover, raclette is definitely something you must try for yourself, if you haven’t already.  It can be found in select French and Italian restaurants across the country.  Here are some places along the east coast and west coast that serve this cheesy dish.     Discover interesting foods & gifts for food lovers here!Play Video

Hollywood, FL: La Flambee

? : La Flambee on Facebook

New York, NY: Raclette NYC

? : Raclette on Facebook

San Francisco, CA: Mission Cheese

? : Mission Cheese on Facebook

Los Angeles, CA: Majordomo

raclette los angeles california restaurant
? : Majordomo on Instagram

Seattle, WA: Fire and Scrape

? : Fire and Scrape on Facebook

Looking for more places that serve raclette?  You can find them on Glutto right here.

How can I make it? 

Making raclette at home is relatively easy.  Here’s a recipe for this melted cheese dish that you can also save for later on Glutto. You just need a few things to enjoy this satisfyingly melty cheesy meal in the comfort of your own home:

Special Tools


  • 2 lbs. raclette cheese (wedge or half wheel)
  • 2-3 lbs. Yukon gold or red potatoes (sliced into quarters)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt & pepper (to taste)


  1. preheat oven to 450°
  2. in a large bowl, mix potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper until evenly coated
  3. spread potatoes out evenly on a roasting pan
  4. bake for 20 minutes, then place on a serving plate
  5. just before serving, hold the sliced side of the cheese up to the melter/flame until it begins to soften and melt
  6. scrape the melted cheese with a knife onto the potatoes and enjoy


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