Shaved Snow Affogato: soft snow drowned in global flavors


glutto digest shaved snow affogato

What is shaved snow affogato?

Shaved snow affogato is a variation of traditional affogato, an Italian dessert that is simply gelato (Italian ice cream) “drowned” in espresso.

traditional affogato

It substitutes the gelato with shaved snow and can be available in a variety of flavors besides espresso including matcha green tea, black sesame (in line with the black food trend) and ube.  Various toppings ranging from jellies to nuts may also be added to further enhance this dessert.

Note: Don’t confuse shaved snow affogato with snow affogato, which is simply an affogato topped with a ball of cotton candy.  There is no “snow” here.

snow affogato

Where can I get it?

Shaved snow affogato came into the scene in the mid-2010s and can only be found in Southern California in a couple places.  Here’s where you can try them for yourself…

San Diego, CA: Iceskimo

Studio City, CA: North Pole Snow Cream

shaved snow studio city los angeles
photo: North Pole Snow Cream on Instagram


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