Rolled Ice Cream in an Egg Waffle: a beautiful marriage of two food crazes

rolled ice cream in an egg waffle taco

Where Can I Get it?  |  How Can I Make It?


What is “rolled ice cream in an egg waffle?” It’s a next level dessert combining the two food crazes: rolled ice cream and egg waffles. Yes, we’ve posted about both these foods already, but not together as one glorious dessert.  When combined, the rolled up hand-made ice cream is wrapped in a freshly-griddled bubble wrap-esque waffle. This made-to-order dessert creates a harmony of contrasting hot & cold elements with crispy and chewy textures that could make this the new apple pie a la mode.


Where can I get it?  Here are some popular places where you can find rolled ice cream in an egg waffle…

Dallas, TX (Plano): Snow Flake Caferolled ice cream egg waffle plano texas?: Snow Flake Cafe on Instagram

Newark, NJ (Lyndhurst): Freezing Pointrolled ice cream in an egg waffle newark new jersey?: Freezing Point on Facebook

San Diego, CA: IC Monsterrolled ice cream egg waffle taco san diego california?: IC Monster on Instagram

Looking for more places that serve rolled ice cream in an egg waffle?  You can find them on Glutto right here.


How can I make it? In order to make this food trend combination, you can either go to a place that serves both rolled ice cream and egg waffles put assemble them together yourself, or follow this recipe for making an egg waffle and rolled ice cream.

Special Tools


  • rolled ice cream ingredients: liquid ice cream base (recommend: 2 ingredient no churn recipe by Emma Christensen)
  • egg waffle ingredients:
  • toppings (whatever you like: chocolate syrup, fruits, whipped cream, cookies, etc.)



  1. First, make the rolled ice cream according to this recipe. Set aside in a freezer to prevent melting.
  2. Then, make the egg waffle according to this recipe.
  3. Remove the rolled ice cream from the freezer and stack in the middle of the egg waffle.
  4. Add any desired toppings and wrap the opposite ends of the egg waffle around the rolled ice cream like a cone/taco/burrito. Enjoy!

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