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  • arepas: a traditional Venezuelan stuffed sandwich with cooked corn flour patties as bread and protein (i.e. beef, chicken, eggs, etc.) as the filling
  • avolatte: a hollowed avocado filled with latte art (created as a joke by an Australian cafe, but became a viral food trend)


  • baby bottle drinks: juices, milk tea and other drinks served in giant baby bottle containers
  • bagnut: a hybrid bagel and doughnut
  • beer ramen: a tall clear mug of ramen noodles in a cold broth made with bonito flakes with a top layer of egg white and gelatin foam
  • beignets: French doughnuts that look like small pillows
  • black food: (see “goth food”)
  • blue wine: wine (usually a white like a chardonnay, zinfandel or prosecco) that is colored with blue pigments
  • boba: a Taiwanese tea and milk-based drink with marble-sized tapioca balls (a.k.a. bubble tea)
  • brioche ice cream sandwich: a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between 2 hot pressed slices of brioche
  • brookie: a hybrid brownie and cookie
  • buddha bowl: healthy meals in a bowl
  • bunny chow: a South African bread bowl filled with curry
  • burnt ends: the tender, flavorful ends of a beef brisket


  • carne asada fries: Mexican grilled meat and toppings on fries
  • cinnamon roll pancakes: swirled pancakes made up of cinnamon roll ingredients
  • charcoal ice cream: scooped or soft serve ice cream made with activated charcoal to give it a black color (a.k.a. goth ice cream)
  • charcoal latte: a latte made of activated charcoal and has a striking black color
  • cheese tea: hot or iced tea topped with foamy cream cheese (a.k.a. cheese foam tea)
  • cheese wheel pasta: pasta made in a giant cheese wheel
  • churro cone: ice cream in a cone-shaped churro
  • cloud eggs: baked eggs with whisked foamy egg whites that became a viral food trend
  • coffee in a cone: coffee in an ice cream cone
  • cookie shot: a cookie in the shape of a shot glass filled with milk
  • cotton candy burrito: ice cream scoops topped with cereal and sweets wrapped with cotton candy like a burrito
  • cotton candy ice cream cone: an ice cream cone wrapped in a cloud of cotton candy (a.k.a. cotton candy-wrapped ice cream, cloudy ice cream, cloud cones, sugar clouds, candy floss ice cream [U.K.] and fairy floss ice cream [Australia])
  • coxinha: a Brazilian street food made of croquettes stuffed with chicken
  • crepe cone: filled cone-shaped crepes
  • croissushi: sushi roll wrapped in baked croissant dough (a.k.a. salmon roll or Cali croissant) that briefly went viral
  • cronut: croissant+donut hybrid by Dominique Ansel (the original food craze a.k.a. dossant, doissant, cronot, craynuts)
  • croque madame: a croque monsieur with a fried egg on top
  • croque monsieur: a French sandwich made of ham and cheese coated with with a béchamel sauce
  • cruffin: a hybrid croissant and muffin


  • dirty bread: a chocolate cream-filled croissant coated with chocolate ganache and covered with cocoa powder to make the eater’s face “dirty” when eaten; became a food trend in Asia in 2017-2018
  • donug: a chicken nugget in the shape of a mini donut
  • doughnut cone: a donut-shaped cone topped with ice cream
  • dragon’s breath: a trademarked term by Chocolate Chair for a liquid nitrogen dessert that gives the effect of smoke escaping the mouth when eaten (a.k.a. liquid nitrogen puff balls)
  • Dutch baby: a pan-sized German puffed pancake


  • egg waffles: waffles in a bubble wrap shape (a.k.a. bubble waffles or puffles)
  • elotes: Mexican corn topped with crema, cheese and other savory condiments
  • elote pizza: a pizza topped with elotes (corn kernels cut from the cob)


  • fire paan: a sweet snack in India filled with dried fruits and spices wrapped in a leaf and lit on fire
  • flaming saganaki:  a Greek appetizer of cheese flambéed fried in a small pan served with bread
  • fondue: a Swiss melted cheese dish served to a group in a heated communal pot eaten by dipping bread and vegetables with long narrow forks
  • freakshakes: over-the-top milkshakes topped with all kinds of cookies, candies and sweets


  • galaxy food: any food that is covered in “galaxy colors” (i.e. black, blue, purple, turquoise) with edible food coloring, glitter or sparkles; related term: “mermaid food”
  • gelatin art: edible art composed of three-dimensional artistic designs suspended inside sweetened gelatin
  • gold food: any food that is covered in edible gold leaf or gold dust including chicken wings, pizza and ice cream
  • goong sarong: a Thai appetizer made of cooked shrimp or prawns wrapped in crispy noodles
  • goth food: any food that is black, or shades of grey often due to activated charcoal or black sesame; the opposite of “unicorn food”


  • halloumi fries: a British appetizer made of deep fried halloumi cheese sticks
  • halo-halo: a Filipino version of an ice cream sundae with shaved ice, ice cream, chopped fruits and sweet beans
  • honey brick toast(a.k.a. Shibuya toast) a dessert made of a toasted bread loaf cut into cubes
  • hot chicken: Nashville fried chicken made of spicy marinated chicken breast, thighs, or wings
  • hot pot: an East Asian dish with a simmering pot of broth filled with meat, vegetables, seafood and/or tofu (a.k.a. steamboat, sukiyaki, or shabu-shabu)


  • ice cream burrito: scoops of ice cream wrapped in flattened cotton candy (a.k.a. cotton candy burrito)
  • ice cream ramen: colored translucent Japanese jelly noodles made of algae served over crushed ice, evaporated milk and other sweet toppings


  • Japanese cheesecake: a jiggly, wobbly cheesecake that originated in Japan (a.k.a. soufflé cheesecake, cotton cheesecake or bouncy cheesecake)
  • Japanese pancake: a jiggly souffle pancake that originated in Japan (a.k.a. soufflé pancake or soufflé hotcakes)
  • jianbinga Chinese breakfast crepe filled with scrambled eggs, scallions, a cracker and chili/hoisin sauce
  • jibarito: a Puerto Rican sandwich made of plantains instead of bread; very similar to a “patacón”
  • juicy lucy: a stuffed burger with cheese melted inside the meat patty (a.k.a. jucy lucy)


  • kakigori: a Japanese dessert made of shaved ice typically flavored with condensed milk or sweetener and other flavors; also see “shirokuma”
  • khachapuri: Georgian cheese bread


  • latte art: lattes and cappuccinos with artistic designs in the foam
  • light bulb drinks: drinks (most commonly boba milk tea drinks) served in light bulb shaped glasses


  • macarons: a meringue-based French dessert made of a sweet filling between two delicate cookies (a.k.a. French macarons)
  • macaron ice cream sandwich: macarons with an ice cream filling
  • malasadas: round fried Portuguese doughnuts
  • mermaid food: any food that is colored in aquatic colors (i.e. shades of blue, green, white, etc.); related term: “galaxy food”
  • mille crepe cake: a cake made of 20 stacked crepes
  • mochi: sweet, chewy Japanese glutinous rice-based bites; commonly served with ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • mochi ice cream: bite-sized pieces of ice cream wrapped in enclosed balls of mochi
  • moon milk: an Ayruvedic night cap of warm milk herbs like turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom or chamomile
  • mustard pizza: a pizza with mustard for the sauce topped with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese
  • musubi: a Hawaiian snack made of spam rolled up in rice and nori, similar to a sushi roll (a.k.a. spam musubi)


  • naan pizza: a pizza made of naan instead of traditional dough


  • okonomiyaki: savory grilled Japanese pancakes (styles include: Kansaiyaki, Hiroshimayaki, Monjayaki, and Modanyaki)
  • oshizushi: a traditional style of sushi pressed in a box to form perfect brick-shaped sushi pieces


  • pão de queijo: a round bite-sized Brazilian cheese bread with a soft, chewy texture
  • pancit: a traditional savory Filipino noodle dish that comes in many variations (a.k.a. pansit)
  • pani puri shots: stuffed pani puri (crispy puffed balls) on top of liquid-filled shot glasses (a.k.a. golgappa shots)
  • patbingsu: a Korean dessert made of shaved ice and sweet toppings like fruits, condensed milk and red beans (a.k.a. bingsu or bingsoo)
  • patacón: a Venezuelan sandwich using fried plantains instead of bread; very similar to a “jibarito”
  • pizookie: a cookie baked in a small to medium-sized deep dish pizza pan; often topped with ice cream
  • pizza cone: a pizza crust cone filled with pizza sauce, cheese and toppings
  • pizzushi: sushi ingredients atop a “pizza crust” of crispy rice (a.k.a. pizza sushi)



  • raclette: a type of melted cheese on a savory dish
  • raclette cheeseburger: a burger covered in a layer of melted cheese
  • rain drop cake: a clear gelatin dessert shaped like a giant rain drop; called “mizu shingen mochi” in Japan
  • rainbow bagels: rainbow-colored bagels
  • rainbow food: any food covered in bold colors of the rainbow; related terms: “unicorn food,” “galaxy food,” “mermaid food,” and “goth food”
  • rainbow grilled cheese: a grilled cheese sandwich with rainbow-colored cheese
  • rainbow sushi: sushi with rainbow-colored rice
  • ramen burger: a burger with ramen instead of bread buns
  • ramen pizza: a pizza made with ramen instead of traditional dough
  • raw cookie dough: edible, safe-to-eat raw cookie dough
  • rolled ice cream: ice cream made on a frozen pan and scraped into rolls
  • rolled ice cream in an egg waffle: rolled-up ice cream in a bubble wrap-shaped waffle
  • roti canai: Indian-influenced flatbread found in Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore often served with curry (a.k.a. roti prata in India)
  • ruby chocolate: naturally-made chocolate with a pinkish hue (commonly mistakenly called “pink chocolate”)


  • shabu-shabu:  a Japanese dish made of paper-thin slices of meat and vegetables cooked by dipping briefly in a hot pot of water or broth then dipped in various sauces and eaten with rice
  • shakshuka: a Tunisian breakfast made of poached eggs, in a tomato-based sauce onions, peppers and spices served in a cast iron pan or a tajine
  • shaved snow: a flavored block of milk shaven into thin, fluffy ribbons & covered with sweet toppings
  • shawarma: a Middle Eastern food made of seasoned meat grilled slowly on a rotating vertical spit and prepared as a wrap, sandwich or plate
  • shirokuma: a type of “kakigori” with mochi, flavored syrups, fruits, red bean paste and other toppings (similar to “halo-halo”)
  • sisig: a sour, spicy Filpino dish traditionally made with pig parts, but sometimes made with milkfish (bangus), mussles (tahong), tofu, crocodile, etc.
  • skillet cookies: a cookie baked in a small skillet and topped with ice cream (a.k.a. “pizookie” = pizza+ cookie)
  • slutty brownies: a baked dessert made of 3 layers: chocolate chip cookie, Oreos and brownies
  • spaghetti donut: spaghetti pasta, eggs and cheese fried in the shape of a donut
  • stuffed pretzels: Bavarian style pretzels stuffed with various fillings (e.g. Italian beef, pepperoni and cheese, gyro meat, etc.)
  • sukiyaki:  slices of meat and vegetables cooked together in a simmering pot of soy sauce, mirin and sugar
  • sushi burger: sushi shaped into a small burger using the rice as buns
  • sushi burrito: sushi shaped into a burrito
  • sushi donuts: sushi shaped into a donut


  • tapsiloga traditional Filipino breakfast made of cooked beef or other meat (tapa in Tagalog) + garlic fried rice (sinangag) + egg (itlog)
  • taco pizza: a pizza covered in a ring of soft tacos and a center of guacamole (created by stoners in Hoboken, NJ)
  • tacro: a taco-croissant hybrid made of seasoned protein (e.g. pulled pork, chile chicken with avocado, or barbecued jackfruit) in a croissant shell (created by Vive La Tarte in San Francisco)


  • unicorn elotes: Mexican corn covered in colorful mayonnaise and sprinkles
  • unicorn food: any food that is made into a multicolored version usually of pinks, purples and blues (a more pastel version of “rainbow food”); the opposite of “goth food”


  • Vegas bowl: a trademarked dessert shaped in a hemisphere with liquid nitrogen pouring out


  • What-a-melon: watermelon soft serve ice cream served in a carved-out slice of fresh watermelon (created by Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo)
  • willie waffles: a controversial waffle snack invented in Taiwan and popularized in Thailand; a waffle shaped like a penis filled with cream, cheese or sausage (a.k.a. D cake)
  • whoopie pie: a dessert made a layer of frosting sandwiched by two cookie-shaped pieces of dense chocolate cake
  • wonut: a hybrid waffle and donut




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